Turbine engine for global recreational aircraft

Opportunity Type: Minority Shareholder
Industry Type: Aeronautics
Profitibility: Pre Revenue
Company Location: Sydney
Deal Value: <$5m<>
Founded: March 06, 2017
Registered Here: April 16, 2018

This Aeronautics company is developing a family of innovative small gas turbine engines (image above) for use in the massive global recreational aircraft market and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV/drone) markets.

The company's business model is to design, assemble, distribute and fully support the next generation of high-tech turbine engines for General Aviation, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), Experimental Category Aircraft and military and civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle markets.

They have completed construction and testing of a proof of concept engine and are now undertaking a two-year re-design and testing programme to bring the first commercial engine (a 200hp turboprop engine) to market. Incorporating cutting-edge technical features, this engine will be the most advanced small gas turbine developed to date.


Series A capital has been raised from external investors and a grant has been received from the South Australian Early Commercialisation Fund. These funds have been applied to the completion of the Final Feasibility Study which has validated that the parameters required to successfully address the target audience can be met. With the technical programme for the final design of the launch engine underway, first deliveries of the commercial engine are scheduled for Q4, 2019.TA is looking to raise up to $A3M in capital by Q2, 2018 with preference for straight equity rather than other financial instruments. The minimum subscription amount is $A1M, and the company reserves the right to take over $A3M in capital if it is offered. The pre-money valuation is $A6.125M. Please note this offer is only available to Wholesale Investors.

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