(RAISE COMPLETED) Digital Marketing Services and Training Provider

Opportunity Type: Minority Shareholder
Industry Type: Professional Services
Profitibility: TBA
Company Location: Australia
Deal Value: Under $2M
Founded: May 06, 2013
Registered Here: March 27, 2018

This company aggregates online business directories and currently operates in 30+ countries with over 100 million business listings. The Company is profitable based on its core revenue streams derived from advertising and data sales.

Leveraging upon its large existing customer database, they have developed an integrated range of digital tools that are essential for businesses to enhance their online presence, Search Engine Optimisation and Google rankings - helping them to be found on the internet. These digital products can be created programmatically on mass scale, tailored individually, marketed and delivered to existing customers at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

GROWTH STRATEGY The Company’s growth strategy is both horizontal through the continued acquisition of directory assets (customer databases) and vertical through the programmatic creation and delivery of digital products to the owners of the business listings within the Company’s large customer database. They will continue to strategically acquire business directories with the aim reduce their costs by removing duplication of staff and technology and simultaneously increase revenues through the delivery of new digital business solutions.

CAPITAL RAISE The Company is raising up to A$3m through the issue up to 18.75m million ordinary shares at A$0.16 per share. The offer is at a 20% discount to a proposed Q3+ 2018 IPO investment round of up to A$5m at A$0.20 per share. Please note this offer is only available to Wholesale Investors.

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